Monday, June 16, 2008

American Cars

When walking around Rome, expect to see nice cars. Even the taxis here are Mercedes-Benz. I can't help but think it must be nice to have access to these cars which are considered foreign in America.

But every now and again, I will come across a Ford or Chevrolet. Even in the land of the Smart Car, I have seen a stretch Escalade Limo. These cars seem out of place to me and I wonder why Italians would want to purchase our American-made cars. Perhaps Americans moved to Italy and brought their cars with them too, but in an environmentally conscious society, these cars seem out of place.

I had a hard time finding statistics about what kind of cars Italians choose to drive or bought the most, but I did find an interesting clip on YouTube. You might be surprised to know that in Venice each year there is an American car club meeting. Check out the cars for yourself at

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