Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Finding the Campo de'Fiori

When you reach the Termini Station in Rome, come out and face Piazza Cinquecento. Take a slight left and walk down Viale Einuadi. You will walk up to a circle containing the Piazza Della Repubblica. Take the Via Nazionale which you will find on the left of the circle. Follow the Via Nazionale until it ends and take a slight right down the Via IV Novembre. While you are walking down this road, you will pass the Galleria Colonna on the right. Continue down this road and it will become the Via del Plebiscito. On this road, you will pass the Galleria Doria Pamphilj on your right. Follow Via del Plebiscito until you see the tram. Turn left here on Via Arenula and look for Via del Giubbonari. Take a right here and follow this road until you run into the Campo de'Fiori.

When you get to the Campo de'Fiori, you will see a statue in the middle dedicated to Giordano Bruno, a martyr of science. If you get to the piazza early enough, you will be able to walk through a market containing fresh fruit, meat, and cheeses. This piazza is a very popular spot for nightlife among American students.

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