Thursday, June 26, 2008

One last time in the Campo de'Fiori

I have been to the Campo de'Fiori a number of times in my seven weeks in Rome. I have suggested visiting the market, looking for historical sights, and stopping in for a few good sandwiches. But if you have some extra time, make sure to get some gelato in the piazza. There is a chain store called Blue Ice on a street a few meters off of the piazza. I did not try the chain while I was here because I wanted to learn more about local culture. If you are looking for a nice treat on one of the sweltering days Rome has to offer, try the bar on the opposite side of Blue Ice.

The store is small but offers most of the flavors you will find in the rest of the small gelato stores in Rome. This one is special because it offers a lively piazza to sit in while you enjoy your treat. If I could make a recommendation, try lemon and strawberry or limone e fragola. The fruity flavors are refreshing on a hot day.

I cannot believe today was my last experience in the Campo de'Fiori. I went to the market in the morning with a few friends and got one more discounted Italia jacket for a special student discount. But I am sure all visitors can talk there way down from the suggested retail price of fifteen Euros to ten Euros. Make sure you take in the small artsy shops. Go in the food stores with specialty meat, cheese and wine. If you are up for it, try out the nightlife at the Drunken Ship or Sloppy Sam's but maybe not more than once. Try a different place for food to avoid the tourist menu. Take everything in while you can with your time in Rome. Don't waste a second. There are things for you to discover in everything piazza and each small winding side street.

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