Monday, June 16, 2008

Another Lunch Recommendation

One thing I find myself missing in Rome is tuna fish. I have been to a number of bars that serve plain tuna on a roll, but I really miss tuna with mayonnaise and lettuce and tomato.
I have blogged about the Forno bakery in Campo de'Fiori in the past and I finally took some time to go there for lunch. I was thrilled when I saw a sandwich stuffed with tuna fish salad! Other choices included salami sandwiches and small pizzas. Everything looked delicious, but I had to satisfy my craving for tuna. It was a good choice and I recommend visiting the Forno if you are also having a similar craving.
I would also recommend trying one or two of their tarts. I selected a small blueberry tart and was quite satisfied. You will be even happier to know that I spent less than four Euros on this filling meal which seems like a steal.
The next time you need lunch on the go, consider visiting the Campo de'Fiori.

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