Tuesday, June 3, 2008

San Clemente

An important tourist destination is San Clemente, which can easily be found from the Termini Train Station. To get there, come out of the station and take a sharp left on Via Cavour. On this road, you will pass San Maria Maggiore. Continue walking until you see the Via dei Annibaldi and turn left here. Straight ahead you will see the Colosseum. When the road ends, take a left on Via N. Salvi. Ahead of you, you will see Piazza de Ludus Magnus. Walk past Via Labicana to the next street Via dei San Giovanni in Laterano. San Clemente will be on your left.

In this church, you will be able to see the Paschal candlestick which is an example of Cosmati work. In this church you will be able to walk through the catacombs. Make sure you also see the Apse Mosaic and the 11th century frescoes while you are here.

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