Wednesday, June 25, 2008


During my trip to Zurich this past weekend, I got a firsthand experience with the Euro Cup. Fans flocked Zurich even though the Turkey-Croatia game was located in another city. But chaos still ensued. Riot police were present and fans chanted songs from their countries.

In Italy, it is hard to avoid soccer fever. When Italy won big games, the street outside my window went crazy. Horns honked, people sang and hung out their windows, and Italian flags could be seen everywhere. I always thought American had an obsession to football, our version, but it is nothing compared to the investment fans put into their soccer teams in Europe.

If you are having a hard time imagining the chanting and the scenes of fans, consider a Penn State football game or any other big U.S. college and imagine the noise of the fans before entering the game. To successfully compare this scene to soccer, multiply the image in your head by ten. This man on the left was not the only fan with the emblem of his team buzzed into his hair cut.

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