Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Barilla Anyone?

Well, I got to look like a crazy American today. To see what American products Rome has to offer, I decided to walk around a small grocery store and take some pictures. A majority of the products were Italian made or at least European, but mixed in were American goods. Unlike in the Wegman’s I go to at home, these products did not have their own international section. Instead they were next to similar Italian made products.

Cereal proved to be the most dominated goods made by Americans. Unlike in our grocery stores at home, there were not many sugary cereals; instead corn flakes seemed to be the most popular.

These goods were different than what you would find at home. Sizes were different, names varied, and even some products were made by US companies but aren’t offered in US stores. The only product that seemed to be exactly the same were Ritz crackers. My next step will be to try some of these US goods that aren’t offered in America.

I got extremely excited in the store when I saw Barilla pasta. I patted myself on the back for picking good pasta at home because clearly whatever they sell in Italy is worthwhile pasta.
But then I did a little research on Barilla and found out the reason it is such a good pasta and the reason that it is sold here is because it is an Italian company and did not come to the US until 1996. Before I make any other assumptions about which products are American, I will definitely have to do a little research.

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