Friday, May 23, 2008

It's a learning process

As newcomers to the city, it takes awhile to find the right places to go to for everything from eating throughout the day to relaxing at night. After our first week here, the CAS kids were all ready to have some find and find out where Italians go at night.

The Campo de'Fiori seemed like the place to go. Twenty of us all walked over for a nice dinner out. The meal did not end up being very ideal. I have learned very quickly about where to eat out and what to watch out for. Tourist menus may sound like something you would like, however this means that frozen food has been brought to the restaurants and is then heated up for you to eat. With the number of tourists attending certain spots, it the only way restaurants can keep up. But this food is often over-priced and not very good. Diners beware of popular tourist spots for eating as you will often fall victim to these tourist menus. Stick to smaller restaurants in less popular areas.

The Campo de'Fiori is full of nightlight and after dinner we experienced some of this first hand. The group traveled across the piazza to The Drunken Ship and Sloppy Sam’s. Immediately I knew these places were not where I wanted to be. Creepy old men stared at us while we walked in and Italian women were nowhere to be seen. While I had a good time with the CAS students, these places are not high up on my list to return to. If Italian women do not want to be at these bars then neither do you.

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