Thursday, May 29, 2008

Changing an Idea

I chose the topic of wine to focus on n Italian tradition. I have come to find, that I do not think there is enough information to write an enjoyable blog about the sole tradition of wine. While I will continue to inform you of interesting wine experiences I learn about here, I will broaden my focus to include all Italian traditions. From riding Vespas to the ritual of the cafe, I would like to look at the daily happenings in the lives of Italians surrounding me here in Rome.

I would like to start with one of my favorite traditions I have noticed so far. Each day anywhere between two and five in the afternoon, stores and restaurants take siestas. They close down and the shop owners have some time on their own. In the summer this is a good way to avoid the heat. But don't try to go anywhere during this time because shopping becomes limited. A number of gelato shops and bars remain open, but dine in restaurants often take this break. I recently tried to go out to a small restaurant for dinner in Trastevere. They owner was resting at one of his tables and a cook could be seen in the back. But when we asked for a table he said no. He explained that he would be closed another twenty minutes.

Whenever you are out and about, make sure you account for this siesta time! Could you imagine stores in the US closing for a nap break? But once I got accustomed to the routine, I know it is something I will miss back home in the States.

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