Sunday, May 25, 2008

Some More Nightlife in the Campo

I have spent a few evenings in the Campo de'Fiori now and each time it is always the same. Street vendors, if they deserve that much of a name, always come up to men who are with women and try to sell roses. When our group from the CAS first got here, girls came home with honestly dozens of roses. Where do all of there roses come from? And how many of these roses go to waste? I have heard prices anywhere from a Euro for one to ten Euros for the whole bunch. While it may seem like a romantic gesture to buy your lady friend a rose, don't waste your time or money. Often times when you buy one good, these vendors continue to hassle you by offering lower prices on other goods.

Vendors sell other goods that range from dancing Minnie Mouses (maybe a good topic for a weblog about American products) all the way to light up glasses. While out recently, I saw an American man buy a pair of these glasses for ten Euro. The vendor continued to hassle him to buy other goods and would not leave our group. Once you attract attention, it is hard to lose it. While you may enjoy the little knick-knacks in the beginning of your stay in Rome, you will very quickly find yourself saying, "No, grazie."

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