Sunday, May 18, 2008

Welcome to Roma!

Although I have already posted a few times, I should probably explain what I am doing here. I am a Penn State student in the Communication Arts and Sciences department. I am lucky enough to study in Rome this summer and learn a little more about rhetoric in tourism, books, and films based on Italy. I am also lucky enough to get to discover everything I can about this city!

As for the blog, there is definitely an underlying theme; however I will also be posting about all the great things I am seeing here. We have to pick out three topics based on Rome. One has to be a place, one is a theme, and the third is either a place or a theme. I wrote my first three posts on my main topics. I will be focusing my blogs on the topics of Italian wine, American products in Rome, and the Campo de'Fiori.

I am very excited to get started with this project and learn all I can about these ideas. If you would like to read other blogs by students doing the same thing, visit this website:

I also plan on throwing in some great pictures I take along the way!

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