Sunday, May 25, 2008

Observations on Wine

When I came to Rome, I expected wine to flow freely. While wine is sold in grocery stores and at restaurants, it is not as inexpensive as I had one thought it would be. Italians generally sell wine by the bottle. While this is good for a couple, this makes drinking wine on your own a more expensive process. Wine does come by the glass, but just like at home, the price is much steeper. On a very strict budget, this makes drinking wine out very difficult.

I have not seen a pattern with wine glasses used by Italians. At home, my mom has her glass for red and a separate kind of glass for white and pretty much everything else in between. I was not sure if this was a world trend, or simply a US one. At one dinner, my group ordered bottles of red wine and bottles of white wine. Each person received the same style glass. Do you think this changes in more expensive restaurants? Maybe I will have to take myself out to dinner and find out.

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