Friday, May 23, 2008

History of Wine

It was the Greeks and Etruscans who first brought wine to Italy. They found the land produced excellent results. As the Romans began making their own wine its popularity greatly increased. In the beginning of the Christian era, wine was mixed with honey, spices, or salt water to create a number of different flavors. The Romans produced a wine with much higher alcohol content then we are used to today, so they often diluted it with water. It was the Romans who first stored wine in barrels to help improve its taste. For more information or to see where this information came from, visit

Throughout my time in Rome, I have come to notice that Romans take their wine very seriously. Wine is often sold by the bottle in restaurants and Italians normally have one glass per meal. In the summer Italians tend to drink different wines. These wines are much lighter and are generally Pinot Grigios, Proseccos, Gavis, and Aneis'. If you would like to know more about these wines before ordering one, check out

One of my previous posts was discussed how helpful wine labels can be. If you know what each label is discussing, you will choose the best wine. To further understand these labels review this information Wines are sold based on a number of guidelines. If you are looking for a better wine, try one with a DOCG designation which is stricter than DOC. These designations indicate where the wine comes from, the content of alcohol, and yield of grapes per acre, and a number of other helpful tidbits of information. IGT designated wines are less strict than both DOC and DOCG. However, it is still worthwhile to try tavolo wines, which are not put to the test of these designations because the producers do not want to get involved with the government laws.

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